Thursday, February 25, 2010

An Army Of One ©©

One to two
Two to four
The tune plays on
As the numbers grow each second

Time is infinite

Once I was one
Now we are many
Side to side
Back to front we all march on

Lightning energizes the air

The earth trembles with each step
Summoning the cadence of this tune
The thunder of the spoken word
Echoing through the universe

A whisper lives forever in space

Waves of souls become one
Enemies become allies
Allies become enemies
Lines are crossed

Nothing will ever be the same

An ocean of blood
Must hold back the oceans of time
Before we all drown
At the hands of a foolish few

The blind leading the blind

One is one
Until there is two, then four
An army of one
An infinite number in the universe

The chance…

Are we the one?
The one that makes up the many
The army of one
Or the army of none



Kathryn Magendie said...

Hello My Friend .... how fiery and poetic and intense it is here....

Kay said...

this would have to be one of my favorites of yours

Shadow said...

we all touch and taint one another. i do hope, however, that we don't end up blind...

Gerry Boyd said...

Tell it Brother!

Heff said...

You know, after ALL this time, I STILL can't tell your blogs apart, lol.

BTW - I dig what you've got jammin'.