Friday, February 26, 2010

Silhouette ©©

I look out the window
Watching the people passing by
Collars raised up high
Skirts pulled down low

Some look ahead
Others cover their eyes
Some walk fast
Others are slow

All are going some place
Some to work
Others to school
Some don’t know where they’re going

Everyday I walk to the window
Every day I watch the same faces walk by
Every day, I watch
Every day

Day after day
Year after year
The tree grows tall in the yard
Only the leaves come and go

It’s all the same
Just different
Like ants in an ant farm
Walking by the window

Marching to a different tune
Going where they want to go
Going someplace

The people walk by
Some looking up at the sky
Some standing still
Looking at the chair and broken window

Through the looking glass I step
Down the road I go
To where I don’t know
While I stare at the people behind the windows



Kay said...

well at least you know you are being watched :) i wonder how many others do...?

completely comprehendable for me. bravo!

Shadow said...

we are all people-watchers, aren't. though only some notice the passage of time...