Saturday, February 27, 2010

Whispers From The Shadows ©©

They whisper your name
In the darkest of places
Born from the shadows they say
Your story is lost between breaths in the night

One foot in a puddle of blood
The other in piss
A river of tears grows between them
Binding them together

Living in the shadows of time
Moving among the living dead
Unseen, unheard, forgotten
Until reality turns to myth, then legend

Slipping into another dimension
Disappearing from familiar eyes
Until a blanket covers the sky
And darkness falls

From the shadows
The world is real
Where death is life
And life is living

The shadows embrace the righteous
Swallowing up the truth
Drawing you in
To feel life in the solitude of its womb

You sit in the shadows and watch
Are you looking for something?
Waiting for someone?
Or for time to stand still



Kay said...

i realize it's somewhat dark, but i find this absolutely beautiful! i read it twice to once again capture its meaning, lost in each lines words...

Brosreview said...

Each line is so profound here. Beautiful!

PS: I had been away on vacation. Now, I am back!