Sunday, February 28, 2010

Forbidden Smoke ©©

Today is the first day
And the last
Every day is a beginning
And an end

The mornings are bright
Brighter when you’re there
Draped across my body
From the night before

Mornings are a lost dream
The backwash from the night before
When the moon was full
The sky was crystal clear

Lost among the tall grass
Away from prying eyes
Immorally bleeding our souls into each other
Among the swaying shadows

Stoking the fires of hell
Until the world erupts
In a blaze of glory
From the depths of time

Howling at the night
Until world falls silent once more
Drained of all emotion
Even fear

Lighting smokes
I watch our dreams as they drift away
Up in the smoke from her lips
Disappearing in the night air

A cold wind whispers her name
Blowing her away from me once more
Back to where she belongs
Where she has promised to be

To the another world
Behind closed doors among the enemy
Away from the dark shadows
And me

The afternoons are numb
Evenings are lonely
At night I see our dream in the smoke
Every time I exhale

Today is the first day and the last
Each day is the beginning to the last
The end to the next
As the mornings are always bright


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Kay said...

(sigh) so true...somedays... :)