Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Morning Star ©©

I wake up every day
Then look out the window
And wonder

What am I doing here?

Wiping the steam from the mirror
Looking at what I see
I wonder; who are you?

Where did you come from?

Out the door
Down the street, I stop
Look around

Where am I going?

Against the window I stare
I stare and everything
At want I want

I just don’t know what it is

On the stool against the bar
I drink my thoughts away
And wonder

What is down the road?

What happens if I didn’t home?
If I made the world my window
Would I find what I want?

Would I stop dreaming?

Every night I look at the stars
Searching for mine
The brightest star of all and I wonder

Where has it gone?

In the morning when I wake up
I stare at the window
At the golden blades of lights coming in and I know

I know my star is back



Kay said...

your star is the sun??? cool! Amazing how many questions applied here that I was just asking myself, over and over in my journal...

Interview questions:

Who are you? Where did you come from? Where do you want to be? What value do you bring?

Answer: I don't know. What about YOU!?

Walker said...

I follow the sun to every sunset and wake up to her smile every morning.
What happens in between is ambrosia to dip your toes in if you so choose.

tattytiara said...

The best stars are the ones you can always count on to come back to you.

Shadow said...

i'm glad your star is back!