Monday, January 04, 2010

The Way Of Things ©©

We stand in this field
Among quivering shafts of wheat
Swaying to and fro with the wind
As it passes us by

It pushes us away
Down to our knees
To the ground
Stepping on our souls one last time

It’s howling laughter piercing the night
As desperate fingers claw the earth
For one final grip on life
Before it all slips away into oblivion

Like roots digging deep
Trying to reach mother for strength
But mother is dieing
Her breast is turning to dust

Deeper into the grave Time dug
Into the darkness
Breathing in the ashes of time
As the wind covers up any trace laying beneath

Tears of defeat are swallowed up by the ground
Giving mother one last sip of pure sustenance
Before the dust finally swallows up the world
And only the hourglass remains

Yet as the moon stares from above
The earth rises from within
Carrying one last soul
Wielding the glistening sword of life

Forged from tears of joy
Tears of pain
Tears of love
Tears to fill the glass of life once more

We are shafts of wheat
Standing in golden fields of sunlight
Waiting for the rain to come
To wash away the past for a future



Kay said...

if only mother nature could step in to wash away the past, then, maybe then, we could be at peace...lovely write.

Brosreview said...

Yes, a beautiful one here. I like the analogy here. Keep writing!!!