Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A Touch Of Madness ©©

I sit alone on this empty bench
Staring out at the world around me
Looking at what is and what could be
Searching for what I thought it might be

Wondering if this is what it was meant to be
Or if it is what we wanted
If anyone is to blame for what I see
Or is it as I wanted

The world’s growing out of control
Falling apart at its seams
Crushing those below
Burying our dreams

Strolling down this path
Chasing growing shadows
Running faster than I want
Changing the beat of an old song

Each step a dieing note
Each sigh a breath lost forever
As the curtain rises
Revealing the future

New and old, lost together
Waking from this deep sleep
Seeing shadows upon shadows
New and old hiding in the light of day

How long did it take to get here?
How long to take me back?
Back before the bench
Back before time

Where am I?
When I can’t find my way home
While sitting on a bench
In my own back yard



Tom Bailey said...

Sitting on a park bench? I was getting a little aqualung feel and then at then end - cant find my way home? I like the way that you put your works together they are good reading.

Happy new years

Kay said...

adrift in your own mind...the sentiment is there, it's nice to leave yourself behind sometimes, I suppose. hope you find your way home :) nicely done.

Brosreview said...

Beautiful! I love how it unfolds slowly. Well done!!!

Shadow said...

and so we keep on wondering... love your thoughts that flow so free.