Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Riding Shadows ©©

Reeling out of control
Whirling through waves of human flesh
Swallowing unleashed emotions
As it pours out from gapping wounds of wounded souls

Swimming through pools of love
While drowning in an ocean of hate
Paddling through rivers of hope
Dodging rapids of desire

Rising on the backs of dreams
To surf through lives broken by time
Others found only to be lost in its wake
To crash on barren beaches alone

An empty shell on the deserted sand
With echoes of the sea buried in its depths
Calling you back to the whirlpool of life
Serenading your soul like a luscious siren

Beckoning you to dive back in one more time
To spread wings and glide to the top of the wave
Beyond the sunset and into the night
Into tomorrow and the unknown

Reeling out of control
Whirling far into the night
While surfing waves of my desires
And yours


1 comment:

Woman in a Window said...

This one took me
on crest.
It is a complicated thing,
isn't it?

The best to you in the New Year!