Sunday, March 07, 2010

Chasing The Clouds Away ©©

The clouds have gone and moved away
Leaving me on the edge with nothing left to say
Crazy skies have turned from gray to blue
While I stand here thinking of you

Rainy days have come and gone
The birds are out again singing their song
What was, was
The rest is, what it is

The winter howls from the west
Pushing me farther east
Sending me on my way
Forcing me to run away to another day

Tearing me from what I wanted
While showing me what I could have had
Telling me I have nothing left hold on too
Not even you

Gone away with the wind
Running from a world where I have sinned
To places I only seen in my mind
To places not knowing what I would find

Surfing waves of rain
Washing away any lingering pain
While grasping the jagged reigns of life
To follow the thunder into the night

On the back of my desire
I ride into the night higher and higher
Reaching up as far as I can from the land below
Up to the sky to put my heart in the hands that I know

The clouds have gone from gray to blue
Yet I follow them away from what I knew
Chasing a dieing day
As a flaming sunset burns all my memories away

Tomorrow’s another day
Yesterdays are gone and far away
But today is here to stay
As I try to keep the clouds at bay


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Brosreview said...

Love how the final lines summarize everything! Well done Walker!