Monday, March 08, 2010

Rocky Road ©©

Wounded and walking down this dusty road
Tripping over life every day and night
Times are changing and shoving me aside
But, I won’t go away

Limping along, stumbling across time
Stubbornly existing my way to the bitter end
Searching for places that still see what I see
Places unpolluted by today

Today is chasing me away from yesterday
Denying me my wish, my dreams
So I disappear into the dust
To a dusty yesterday

Standing at the rocky edge, on my last leg
I see what lies on the next step
What am I afraid of?
Why have I been running away?

One step forward is tomorrow
One step back is today
One step forward is peace
One back is war

Walking down this rocky slope
Kicking stones out of the way
Going back to slow today down
To remember yesterday

Walking towards yesterday to find tomorrow
Searching for what I lost and never found
For what we forgot along the way
To slow down today for tomorrow to catch up

I fight for what I want
Take what I need
Give what I can give and live
For tomorrow



Heff said...

For some reason, I was trying to sing that as "Ready For Love" by Bad Company.

Walker said...

Now look what you did I got the song in my head.

I just downloaded the song and it does go really well with this one.
I am a BC fan.
Who knows what lingers in the back of our heads to influence how we think.

Brosreview said...

Not a BC fan, but I get Heff's point.

But, as always Walker, your lyrics make me think and actually reflect more. Well done!!!