Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Ready For Love ©©

Time has passed
Memories have faded
Some things last forever
While others come and go

With every new thought
An old one fades away
Faces so familiar
Become shadows and ghosts through time

The sound of your voice
Is lost among the rest
Not even a phone call to remind me
As it has gone dead like what we had

Day after day
I go forward into the struggle
To break the bonds that holds me a prisoner
The bonds tying my heart in knots

In the shadows looking out
Looking through a stranger’s eyes
Thinking with a empty heart and a dieing soul
Grasping for something to hold on too

Walking across dirty walls
Feeling my way with blistered fingers
Following the cracks of my world
Until I fall into the next dream and get lost once more

Replacing memories that needed replacing
Changing the area code of my heart
So that my phone can ring once more
So I could hear your voice even in the darkness of my soul

Lost memories and faded faces
Make room for the smiles I search for
For the feelings I desire
And the memories that will never fade



Heff said...

Ahahahahaa !!! Awesome.

Brosreview said...

Brilliant! Keep them coming!!!

Gerry Boyd said...

An Anthem! (small typo in third line from last: "sarch". Should be "search". no?)

Walker said...

Gerry Boyd: Thank, I had seen it but i was to lazy to fix and I wrote this one more as a joke because Heff mentioned this song playing in the previous post

Gerry Boyd said...

No prob Walker. Hate to be nudge anyway. ;-O

Kay said...

I think the point here, is to keep moving forward; love the imagery, once again