Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rain ©©

Lightning awakens me
From the land, of the living and the dead
Thunder still pounds in my fucked up head
Nudging me to my senses as I lay there in the bed

Eyes still blind
But I needn’t see
I can feel what I can’t
The redhead, still sucking on my head

Outside the pouring rain
Is hosing down the world
Wet cold fingers scrapping at the window
Trying to break in and the warmth of my bed

Sharp talons snatch up my balls
As I grab a handful of flaming hair
The windows rattle
As the wind begs to come to play

The clouds come down to earth
Surrounding my world
While a twister tortures me
By pulling on the end of my head

The night sky stirs
As it stares through the transparent glass
It’s excitement evident in the tangled clouds
Ejecting streaks of light across the gray sky

Thunder crashed against the roof
Just before it erupted from my head
Spilling all over for her tongue to steal away
Before it stained her lips

Over and over
The lights go dim, then dead
Only to awaken once more to the redhead
With ruby red lips, still sucking on my head

Thunder and lightning
From the heavens to my bed
Erupting all over
Even from my head


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Brosreview said...

Unlike the rains that soothes me, this is different! I like this!