Friday, March 12, 2010

Eight Days ©©

There is only seven days in a week
Eight would be nicer
Five to work two to rest
One more to dream

Dream of the future
My desires
Of escaping from what’s real to somewhere not here

Eight days to be fulfilled with what’s real
And what’s not
With my desires to keep me warm when the world’s
Tearing me apart

Seven days to live
And one to be alive
To feel the feelings I miss
Or find feelings I never felt

Eight days so I could exist for one
Even if it’s in a world of make believe
The soul only sees what the heart feels
Lives for what it desires

Eight is the magic number
The number that opens the door to my dreams
Eight days for a world I am searching for
One more day to feel free, to be me

Another day to escape to the land of the lost
To be found by someone looking for me
Maybe you, maybe not

But there is only seven days
One less than what I truly need
One less to find my dreams
Forcing me to steal time to find a piece of my desires

Eight days is what I need
One more than I got
Unless I had someone to share
The eighth day would be you



Kay said...

bringing dreams to a new level...definately. Love, love, love the last line

Heff said...

Inspired by a Beatles song ?

Walker said...

Heff: Actually I asked Inia for a number and she said "8" then wrote this for it

Brosreview said...

"One more than I got" - Nice one!

Shadow said...

7 days to live and 1 to be alive - oh yeah!!!!