Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cycle Of Destruction ©©

Out of the wilderness to the jungle
From innocence to guilt
Years of giving to taking handouts
Times changed from when the birds sang with the dawn

Family became strange
Strange became family
Home was safety from the street
Before the street became home

Dreams for tomorrow
Became yesterday’s nightmares
Smiles to frowns, knives for pencils
Red ink becomes the blood in our veins

Forty went out
Ten are gone by spring, twenty by fall
Thirty within a dime
Five remain alive, all insane

The wilderness borders the jungle
On the edge of the shadows
With it’s bright colors and innocence
Yet no one goes back

I sent out three birds for a sign
One was eaten by a rat
Another died of a broken heart
The third came back without its song

As our borders grow
The wilderness dies a little more
Until one day there will only be the jungle
Gray and broken, like a dream someone once had


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Itsa Mystery said...

Disturbingly good stuff here.