Friday, March 19, 2010

Dirty Fingers ©©

I want you to find a field
Then I want you to go out there
Stand among the nothing
Among everything

Bend down to the ground
Take a handful of dirt
Rub the palms of your hands together
Rub them until they go numb

Then stand erect and watch
Watch as the sand falls
Through the cracks of your fingers
Falls to the ground at your feet

A breeze washes away the dust
Leaving only a pile of tiny crystals
Sparkling in the sunlight
Like stars in the night

Drop your clothes off next to the small pile
Look at the dirty palms of your hands
Rub your flesh all over with them
Feel the soft skin being tore at by the tiny grains of earth

Scrub yourself all over
Until you’re whole body burns
Burning with desire, stinging with pleasure
Gasping for air

Then go stand on a small hill
Let the cool air sooth the burning
As it fills your pores with fresh oxygen
Awakening you back to life once more

Feel the wind surround you like a specter
Caressing you as a lover would
Gently filling you up
Until there is no place to hide your emotion

Lifting you up off the ground
Suspending you in the air
To hover above the earth
Before being gently lowered to her bosom

Lay there and feel, feel mothers fingers pass over your body
With every breath of wind that gusts by
Let her see how you’ve grown
Who you have become

Roll around and play with her
Let her feel your joy and pleasure again
Breath in her essence
Breath out your confusion

Be reborn again
Be free from everything
From everyone



Brosreview said...

A simply fantastic connection between moods and nature. This paints a mood board before me. Well done!!!

Shadow said...

this sounds weirdly right...