Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thakri ©©

I feel the rain tapping on the window
Each drop a heartbeat
Every beat sending a vibration to my mind

Pressed against the glass I close my eyes
See, relive the past
Old times, through old eyes

Walking down hallways filled with doors
Each without a doorknob
Only a peephole to look in

All are white, sterile
Flush with the wall
As if, they had blossomed there

Each door I pass slows my step
Until I stood staring at one door
No different than the rest

A step closer, my palms pressed against it
With my head leaning on its hard surface
Eyes staring at the tiny window

Pushing my chin down I peered into the a long tunnel
Lips pressed against the wall
A smile grew where there was none

A warmth passed through my hands
Filling me with a renewed energy
A sense of accomplishment

Across to the other door
Through the other looking glass
I laughed until I cried

The next was personal
A secret only I know
I will never tell

Down the long hall
From door to door
Memory to memory

To one that was cold
Cold as ice
My face pushed against its side

Through the long tunnel
Into yesterday I saw
Saw what I hate to see

Fingers brush past the peepholes of time
With each step forward
Until I’m back to the beginning

Back to the window
To the raindrops knocking to get in
And the one on my cheek that escaped


1 comment:

Brosreview said...

Without door knobs but a peep hole. That is so profound! Well done!!!