Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Junkie ©©

Dreams I used to live and still do
In the shadows of my existence
Watching, listening to the world around
Understanding what I can never understand

Waiting for a sliver of light to tear open the unknown
To see what’s on the other side of the darkness
From behind this curtain
This veil separating what is, from the truth

Dissecting everything I know
Peeling off the layers that conceal what’s within
Seeing what’s hidden beneath
Beneath the dieing skin of the world

I see and hear the love from the light
Deceit staring back from the shadows
Laughter from a crowd
Tears from a washroom stall

Floating from shadow to shadow
I move past their lives
Parting the blue smoke of time
With a finger on the pulse of their dreams

Feeling what they feel
Listening to their dreams, desires
As I travel through their eyes into their souls
To get high on their lust for life

Two fight outside
Two kiss on the steps
One wishes in the corner
While another dreams through the reflection of time

I feed off emotion
Fueling my desires with the fires of life
The anger and love
Rolled up into one ball of fire

In the shadows I sit
Waiting for life to light up the night
To wake up to the world
As dreams come to life


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