Thursday, April 15, 2010

Have You ©©

Have you ever stood out among the nothing?
Just stood there without an agenda
Like a tree swaying in the wind
Feeling the unseen fingers pass through every opening
Caressing you body in a way that it has never been touched before

Feeling the grass grow up from between your toes

Have you ever wanted to stand out there day after day?
Watching the sun rise every morning
Chasing it across the sky until a sunset bursts into flames in the far off horizon
Then silence and darkness but the stars and the moon

Being embraced by a blanket fog in the night

Have you even wanted to stand outside as the seasons changed?
Smell the spring and fresh life blossoms from all around
Energized by the summer sun until fall when life comes to an end under winter’s blanket

A snowflake lands on your nose

Have you ever wanted to stand outside naked spread out to the four winds?
To be absorbed by the elements all around

Have you ever wanted to feel alive?



Heff said...

Sadly, I ALWAYS have an agenda.

Brosreview said...

I used to. But, not anymore!