Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Touch ©©


Listen to nothing
To everything

Gently touch your face with your hands
Remove any glasses if you wear them
Feel you face
Touch who we all see

Each and every crease
Every line
Trace the smiles that have been as they run up your cheeks
The pain written across your forehead

Cup your face in your hands
Resting your chin on the left hand
Molding its imprint on your palm
Pushing your head up

With the right, grab your throat
Feel the pulse of life pushing through the skin
Let the left hand feel its power in its palm
As it resists any pressure

Let both hands fall to your breast
Close your eyes and feel what’s pounding inside
Press curled fingers deep into your chest
Feel the soul as it awakens to your desire

Stand erect, head held high
Release your hands to your hips then press them forward
This is our tallest moment
Where we can touch the earth and heaven on our own

Let them slide down your hips, to your knees
Bending towards the ground
Feeling their roots firmly planted to the ground
Just before falling forward while grasping for our heels

Curled up like the fetus we all once were
Laying in our heaven
Our hell

Is everything backwards?
Is the ground heaven and the sky the earth?
Do we plunge into heaven?
After we soar into the earth

Reach up and push your fingers through your hair
Eyes wide open then take a deep breath
Feel the wind burn its way through your lungs
As renewed life fills up all the empty spaces

Reach and touch who you are
Feel the person you want to feel within your breast
Touch what you’ve never touched
Find who you always were through the tips of your fingers



Brosreview said...

I sometimes think of everything being backwards.

Heff said...

How'd you know I was standing erect with pain on my forehead ?!?

Shadow said...

the sensory input is stunning.