Monday, April 26, 2010

Beaches ©©

The shades are drawn
As the day is now night
The sun has run away
Abandoning me to the moon and stars

Alone on this beach
With feet awash in the oceans of life
Drowning with every wave
Gasping for just one more breath to move on

I stare into the night
Searching for a guiding light
One to show me the way
The way to the promise land

Searching for a place
A place with no name
A destination without an address
A beach on this Earth but not on any land or under any sea

I look at the pebbles in the sky
Some brighter than the rest
Others to small to see
The ones looking for me

Each step a footprint to be left behind
Every wave to wash them away
Leaving a blank canvas
For someone else to walk by

Across sandy beaches I travel
While life licks at my feet
As the moon and stars follow from above
Into the darkness and towards home


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Brosreview said...

Fantastic! I am feeling the same!