Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Searching ©©

Step after step
Down roads I never seen
To a new day
A new dawn and a new way

Past old memories
Old reflection hiding behind every mirror
Past dieing seconds, minutes
Days that will never be once again

Away from yesterdays
Away from what I wanted
To somewhere I never seen
A future, a new dawn for today and tomorrow

Broken chains on the ground
Shackles that bound my soul
Freedom I have now found
From who I wanted to be

From the shadows to the light
To stand under a full moon to shine
To shine with the other lights in the sky
Trying to be seen

Step by step into the void
Coloring the way with every breath
Searching, looking
For me



Heff said...

Shouldn't that be "Down roads I never saw" ?

-Just sayin'....

Brosreview said...

Like the second last stanza a lot.