Friday, April 30, 2010

Once Upon A Life ©©

Once upon a time
Life was different
Happier and free
I used to run with the wind
Fight battles I choose to fight
Slept without a conscious

Once upon a time
A fork lay in the road
To the right, the known
The left, the unknown
I walked up the middle and fucked the world
I found purgatory, home

Once upon a time
I ran with the pack
Brothers and sisters of Gabriel
Sons and daughters of sin
The fallen, children from the shadows
Reapers of the night

Once upon a time
A storm crossed troubled skies
Raining fire and brimstone on our world
Taking its toll on blackened souls, swallowing up the many
Leaving but a few, to remember
To recall, to stand defiant against the night

Once up a time
Laughter filled the night
Scaring fear back into the shadows
The reapers, jesters destined for hell
Partied through the night
While battling the demons in the day

Once upon a time
Night and day were lovers
Now prisoners to their own fate
Bound by the sun
Imprisoned by time
Guarded by the moon’s shadow

Once upon a time in a life


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Brosreview said...

Has this folk metal feel to it!