Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dusty Roads ©©

I’ve been traveling down these dusty roads for a long, long time
The names on the signs are all different
As are the faces of those I pass
Yet, they all look familiar

Some are tall, some small
People, houses, buildings and all
All the same as in the last village, town or city
As they will be in the next I find

I crossed oceans to find something different and new
But all I found was more of the same
I even went over mountains for something fresh to breath
But the air is the same there too

Green are my valleys
Dusty roads is what I leave behind
As I look for something new
Something new that would include you

I travel down dark roads
Searching for a ray of sunshine
For a break in the clouds to let a strand of light through
To follow to a new dawn, a new beginning

I walk along with my eyes to the sky
Looking for a crack in the sky
For a star to make a wish on
And the moon to follow to your heart and soul


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Opaque said...

I can so relate to this.