Saturday, June 12, 2010

One ©©

Today I sit and reflect
I think of what to do and where to go
To come this far only to stop
Then to look around and see, I never left

From the start I was alone
As I am now
I reached out for others
Until I spun a web around our world

We were a forest of souls
The sunshine and the bitter cold in the winter
Sharing the same air we breathed
The tears that rained from the sky

Growing tall and wide
Our roots and branches reached out
Entwining, bonding us as one
Yet, still alone in our minds

Still free to be who we want to be
Captives, prisoners of our desires
Slaves to our needs
Our pain

Time takes it’s toll
Eating up withered branches
As lightning strikes down the unexpected
Sending shudders throughout the web

Bonds fade away with each lost soul
Leaving gaps where there were none
Until the forest has dwindled back to just one
To sit here and reflect


1 comment:

Opaque said...

I have a photograph that conveys just what your words do. Brilliant!