Friday, June 11, 2010

Petrified Thoughts ©©

Out of the mists and into the burning fires
Time is frozen in the mist
While it races with a fury among the flames
Consuming everything it touches

Ash and dust remain of the past
Laying there to be blown into yesterday
Fertilizing tomorrow for those who remain
If any

Black smoke will rise to the heavens
Bringing night to day for a thousand year
A thousand more of rain and snow
As dark clouds shed their burning tears

Covering the earth with a filthy blanket
Knitted by greedy fingers
Bought by the ambitious
Paid for by the innocent

Night ruled for a millennia
Before the sun burned a hole in to have a peek
Bringing a new dawn to dieing sunset
A new beginning

Petrified behind a sheet of cold glass
The past hides from the future
Waiting to be unleashed once more
To walk the face of a new earth

Lush and full of life
Rising out of the ashes
Blades of green pierce the gray dust of time
Hiding the past from virgin eyes

Until someone digs it up to start it all over again



Kay said...

Dooms Day.... coming soon, or already here? :)

Heff said...

I've never had petrified thoughts, but I HAVE seen petrified dog shit before.

Opaque said...

Circle of life here!