Thursday, June 03, 2010

A Tree In The Garden Of Eden ©©

Day after day
Walking down the same road
The same paths
Looking, trying to figure it all out before
Before the end of the road

Surfing clouds of hope
Carving roads through confusion
Taking time to look below
For a place to land
A place to call home

A garden to plant seeds
To grow life where life didn’t exist
Someplace new to sow generations
To cast fear to the four winds
And dance on a breeze, a wisp of breath

Mile after mile
Mountains, rivers and oceans pass by
Dissolving into memory with the rest
Etching a map of time to remember
When there is nothing left to see through hollow eyes

Time is shallow when it slowly pours out
Spilling on the ground
Nourishing the future with the past
Growing freely to the stars
With roots deep down into the soul



Heff said...

That reminds me - I've got to go home and plant more tomatoes....

Opaque said...

Loved the final verse the most!

Kathryn Magendie said...

hello you - love your words....