Sunday, May 23, 2010

Long Time Coming ©©

It’s been long, so long
To long to remember
Not to long to forget
Just long, so long

When did time fly by?
When did the seconds race away with the minutes?
Swallowing up the days, weeks and years
Until all that’s left, is now

It’s been long
Since the days of old
From when everything was perfect
Even when it wasn’t right

How can I find the days I long for once more?
Without giving up what I have
What I lost
Or what I never had

It’s been long, so very long
Since I held someone warm in an embrace
Sweet lips on mine
Tied and entwined in the same space, same time

Why did we let go?
Fall apart into an abyss to high to climb out of
To deep to soar free from
Left to stare up at the only glimmer left in the sky above

It’s been a long time since way back then
When the truth was a mystery
Innocence was joy
Before it blossomed into reality

How did it all become so complicated?
Why can’t I remember what I will never forget?
It’s been long since I turned away from the light
And swallowed up by the night

It’s been a long time since I have been alive
When will live bend down to kiss my mouth
To awaken me from my sleep

The apple of my eye
Her sweet nectar on my lips
Her breasts to keep me fed
Her womb to keep warm



itisi said...

This is well done!
My favorite parts are the sixth and seventh vereses.
I can so relate to that!
Thanks for the Madrugada fix.
I can go so far away from here when I listen to their music!!

Ritz.. said...

Writing : good n impressive
Blog Layout : Scaryyy :)
Enjoyed my visit though :)


shadow said...

tears dropping one by one ,i can't find my way