Friday, May 21, 2010

Dream Weaver ©©

Where the sun touches the earth
Is where I’ll be waiting
When the light of day embraces the night
I’ll be lying in the tall grass braiding the blades into dreams

When the cold air brushes by
The mists will rise up to the sky
Where there was once nothing but space
There is now a stairway to the heavens

Where the clouds were to far to reach
Are now all around
When dreams were images of hope
Wishes and desires of escape

When time stands still
Life becomes living
Where there was nothing
There is something out of nothing

Where I had nothing
There is something
When all fails
I lay in the tall grass

When there is nothing to do
I think of you
Where there is nothing left
There is always me

Where else can I go to find what I want
But in the tall grass of my dreams
When the sun sleeps in the horizon
So the moon can fall into my arms

When will the sun once again awaken
How long before you have to leave me again
Where will I go when you’re gone
And they mow the braids away



Brosreview said...

It is true, no one is ever alone.

Heff said...

Sorry. I still prefer the "original" Dream Weaver.