Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beneath The Ashes ©©

As easy as day fades into night
Happiness can be swallowed up by sadness
Each second is a moment you can’t escape
Only accept when it comes

Everything you have
Everything you know
Can disappear within a blink of an eye
Just like an escaping breathe that you can never recapture

From the castle in the sky to a heap of ashes
Dieing embers are all that remain as a reminder
A reminder of the warmth that once was
To the smoke and stink that now is

Inside the smoke
Memories dance all about
Darting through invisible walls
From room to room entwining with others until there is but one

One memory, one life
Dancing in a whirlwind of time
Blowing out any smoldering embers and ashes away
Revealing only what lies beneath

Left to only stand above a mirror
Looking down as it reflects back in time
The sun smiling up from the blue heavens
Amidst the darkness scattered all about

As a phoenix is reborn from the ashes of time
Memories live on forever
Reborn through word of mouth
Stored on shelves next to every heartbeat

As easy as sadness can swallow up happiness
Hope can brush away dismay
The wind will clear the smoke
Before the phoenix rises from the ashes



Brosreview said...

Yes, change shall occur, and occur for the best.

Heff said...

Moving, as always.