Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Magic Carpet Ride ©©

I stand at the end of a pier
A right and two lefts brought me here
Looking out into the night at the mist creeping over the water
Hiding everything from my sight along with my reflection

The lights of passing ships flicker in the night
Warning me or beckoning for me to reach for their glow
Luring me with their gentle graces dancing above the waves
Yet I fear falling into it’s deep dark hollow

The mists of time rise to embrace me
While ghostly hands attempt to carry me away on a floating carpet
Voices from the past tug me back from the edge
Voices to far to understand what they say

The mist swallows up the pier leaving but a cloud to stand on
Standing on the edge of eternity looking up at the stars
They look closer now; almost close enough to touch
Almost, yet still to far away

We stand at the precipice of life
On the backs of our dreams to keep us afloat
Surfing the clouds to the sky with one outstretched arm
Flying a magic carpet


1 comment:

Kay said...

one ride I'll definatly take!