Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Searchers ©©

What am I searching for?
Where am I going?
How can I find what I have never had?
That which was given away before I existed

I just want to melt away
To flow with the rivers to the oceans
To rise up above the world
Then rain down to wash away the pain left behind

Why must I keep searching?
What compels me to go on down this road?
How can I reach what eludes us all?
That which we never had

I just want to spread my wings
To fly up to the sky
To feel the wind against my face, beneath my wings
Then I can crash back down to they’re reality

When did it all go wrong?
Why do, did we all let this happen?
Can it be changed, turned around?
As we walk on the graves of time

I just want to stand on the tallest mountain
To breath in a lungful of freedom
To feel its energy fill my soul
So I would know that it was worth the search

What will it take to make it right?
Where do I go?
What do I have to pay?
Before the interest is to high

I just want to sail away
Someplace far and away
Where there is nothing to do but looking up at the sky
As it looks down on me


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