Monday, June 21, 2010

Standing Guard ©©

I leaned against a tree among trees
An ancient soul amidst other silent souls
Standing guard in the night looking up through twisted limbs
Up at the sky and the stars among the other lost souls

I listen to the tears as they fall from withered fingers
Floating gently to the ground
One after the other they fall
Covering the world with a blaze of color

A tree falls in the night
Crashing to the earth with a thunderous roar
Yet no one hears anything
Or notices in the morning

Only the silent souls know the loss
And the stars as they welcome another light to the night
High up among the clouds
Winking down on the world

How many trees must fall before they are noticed
How many souls must light up the night to be seen
When the forest is gone
Who will look at the stars as they weep in the night

I look up at the sky
Wondering what it all means
What has this tree seen
Should I be pissing on it



Kay said...

great ending! goes to show, perhaps the trees and old souls know more than we would like to know...

how many must fall before we see all the lost souls??? or how many will be hidden behind pollution and city lights never to be noticed at all???

Shadow said...

most only notice the change when its gone...