Friday, June 18, 2010

Screw The Rest ©©

Day in and day out
We rise from the grave
To walk out among the crowds
To get lost among the rest

We push and shove the rest away
To get what we want
Until we to are shoved aside
By someone with bigger and stronger desires

We chase and crawl over the their wake
Tripping and falling as we try to catch up
Making way to get through
But not before those behind stampede past the now cleared path

Battered and bruised on the side of the road
Watching and waiting
Waiting for the sun to fall in the west
For the carpet of night to carry us to our coffins

Until morning when we will rise once more
To walk among the crowds
To engage in the battle of life
And the survival of our sanity



A.Decker said...

Good music. Good words. Good look.

Hmmm ...

Opaque said...

Haha, agree with the title!!!