Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Something ©©

I’m wandering around lost and confused
While the rest of the world moves on
Weaving in and around every mob
Searching for something I haven’t yet found

I find something new but it’s already old
Then something old but it doesn’t exist any more
Slipping and sliding through cracks of time
Falling with no bottom

From one dream to the next
Is it real or a new nightmare to explore?
Is it living or dieing?
Wandering aimlessly through the threads of time

What does it all lead too?
The swerving through the aimless crowds
Between the other lost souls

When does it all end?
When the batteries die and the clock stops ticking
Or when we awaken from the dream
To what is left to find

What am I searching for?
Does it exist or is it part of a dream
A dream we all have
But can never hold

Lost and confused
Battered but not beaten
Limping forward in every direction
Searching for something that can’t exist



Heff said...

Can't find something ?


Opaque said...

@Heff - Hehe!

@Walker - I am feeling the same.

itisi said...

The more I wander, the more lost I get. The more lost I am, the more complicated it is.