Saturday, July 17, 2010

Echoes In The Night ©©

A misty curtain crawls over the land
Into every corner and crevice
Filling all the voids left behind as time withers away
Until they overflow with the echoes of yesterday

The familiar voices that are now silent
Voices that paint pictures of the past
Faces still young never to be old
Just reborn in memory

Scents brought to life
Smells swimming with memories
Sweet scents of love, some laced with pain
Mingling with the stale scent of the living

Ghosts are brought to life
As the mist of time surrounds our worlds
Allowing them to walk freely once more among the living
An eternity to them but a brief moment for us

Misty memories clouding the mind
Waiting to be taken out for a walk
Exercising the soul with the past
Freeing mind and soul for the tomorrow



Kathryn Magendie said...

how appropriate that I just wrote something on memory for a guest blog - and then come here ....

beautiful words.

Opaque said...

I feel the same now. Memories is all we are left with. Cherish them!