Monday, July 19, 2010

I Close My Eyes ©©

I close my eyes, opening my mind to what I don’t have any more
Falling backwards in my thoughts of when life was simple
Freer to be what I wanted to be

I close my eyes to escape this reality
To a place where I was alive and death was but a friend
To share a beer with

I close my eyes to what hasn’t happened yet, opening my mind to what has
Thinking of those times I left behind, ran away from
When I was king instead of the jester

I close my eyes to open my soul to a void
A space in time purposely lost, cherished but never forgotten
Valhalla and Shangri-La, my purgatory

I close my eyes so I can look for what I can’t see
To feel what I can’t feel
Understand what can’t be understood

I close my eyes not to run away
To torture my soul
To lock it away in this dark prison lost in time

I open my eyes to wash away the blood of ages by closing doors to the past
A place where living was dieing
Where the shadows were but bought souls by Satan



Kay said...

totally love this one! one of my favs!... to add to the list

Opaque said...

I agree with every line here and I feel this too. Brilliant!

Rain said...

You have put to words exactly how I have been feeling lately...

You truly have a gift Walker, thanks for sharing!