Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tinker ©©

I have come down this road
This path from the past
A path not always clear
Nor straight

Through the sands of time
Across deserts void of tears
Bitter rivers and over mountains so high
Only the sky could kiss them at night

I’ve bedded down in meadows
Covered with sweet lavender
Moist with the morning light
Dripping with honey dew

Through forests, thick and lush
Paradise in the sunlight
A sanctuary by moonlight
When the sun bows to the stars in the night

I have travelled to the unknown
Seeking nothing but a way to pass
Found what I wasn’t looking for
Treasures hidden in plain sight

Through the annals of a multitude of eyes
Universes lost to everyone but one
The one who sees what can’t be seen
Knows what exists in one’s own mind

I look to the left then the right
Then up above
Is there enough time to choose
Left, right or up

Through the clouds
Riding the four winds to eternity
In time, but now
I will turn right until I reach the left



Opaque said...

Sometimes choices come at a time where there is not enough time to choose. I have been feeling the same. Well written!!!

PS: Mate, e-mail me at

I have been trying to e-mail you my latest posts for which your comments are appreciated. Your e-mail ID does not work no more. At least not for me !

Heff said...

Nice Label !