Friday, July 30, 2010

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In the silence of my mind
I sing the lyrics that have been written with each passing day
Each a chorus etched in time
Written with mute fingers and a blackened soul

Each note a word, a thought or desire
Every line an arrow set loose to the wind
It’s target unknown
It’s destination, tomorrow

An orgy of emotion fills each verse
Swimming in the pleasures and pain we fed on
Each fuelling the other until
Until the heat lights up ones soul with a withering spark

Igniting a passion to live for no true reason
Even through wrenched times
To plough through the mud and shit
Shit that we covet more than life itself

Our shit
Good or bad
Safe within our minds and souls

In the silence of time
I light up a match to see in the darkness
To see what I have hidden from the rest of the world
What is more precious that life itself, hidden until its time

Humming the lyrics of our existence
I find the keys to words many can’t find
Notes to songs never heard before
Songs never finished or ever will

From the dark silence of time
Hides what we are all searching for
It’s what we once had
What we will eventually inherit

The wind whispers its name
While I sit back smoking my cigarette
Watching the dieing embers turn to ashes
Ashes to crumble with time



Real Me said...

Been reading this since long now. There are so many things we do not reveal of ourselves, and those are special to us, just us! That is why I have firmly believed that one never knows anyone completely.

itisi said...

I really, really like this one.