Thursday, August 05, 2010

Drip ©©

Do you hear what I hear?

The light fades away in the east
Taking with it what I had in the light of day
Left blind and lost to the night
Do you see what I see?

Walking on eggshells
Crushing all your hopes and dreams
Broken dreams
Do you feel what I feel?

My hands touch two walls
As I am trapped in my prison cell
Locked away inside of my desires
Do you have the key to my dreams, my nightmares, failures and victories?

The pendulum swings one way

The night swallows up the dawn
Transforming the mirage into reality
Shedding the costumes
For what is real in the moonlight

Rising above shattered memories
Brushing off the dust of time
While sailing free from what was
To what will be

Endless space for hungry fingers
Begging to explore your soul
Feel your desires
To unlock the prisoner inside

The blood of time wastes away

It’s a cold hard memory
When left forgotten
When left unexplored
Bitter to taste in the tomorrow

Only when I taste the fruit will it exist
When I let it’s nectar run down my face
Will time forgive me for what I locked away
Left forgotten

The walls of my prison
Are walls I have built
I am the prisoner in my heart
Burden of my soul



Heff said...

Here, let me get you a towel...

Real Me said...

Hmm. This is exactly what I felt last evening. Well done Walker! If there is one place where I can connect my feelings with writings, it is here!

Real Me said...

PS: I hope you received e-mail updates from my spot. I have mentioned you. :)