Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Missing Dreams ©©

Nothing is the same
Nothing is different
Nothing is as it's supposed to be
Nothing is as it was

I close my eyes
Then open them quick
It looks the same but not
Something is always different

Today is not yesterday or tomorrow
Yesterday I was born and tomorrow I will be gone
But today is today and today
Today I'm alive

Today is about reaching for what we wanted yesterday
For what we can grasp hold of before tomorrow
Today is when we make dreams come to life
When they blossom from the seeds of our imagination

Tomorrow we will embrace what dreams we captured
Then cry for those that were never born
Dreams that went missing
When we got lost surviving

Nothing is as it seems
Nor as it was and never will be
But our dreams are alive as we live for today
Looking at tomorrow with a smile and another dream

Today is yesterday but not tomorrow
Tomorrow is yesterday but not today
Yesterday is when dreams were born



Real Me said...

"We live for today" - So true mate!!!

Real Me said...

PS: I hope you are receiving my e-mail notifications.

Kay said...

i dream of tomorrow... :)

dreamChaser said...

Time, isnt it good if we can freeze time. :)

just a thought.