Friday, August 20, 2010

Watching Time ©©

OK, let’s take a step back
Let’s step back and have a look at time
As it has already ticked on by
Leaving a trail as the years go ticking on by

Let’s look at all the times we laughed
And those when we cried
Down that road
As time goes by

The angst of living
The pain of letting go when you find that road
The road called tomorrow
As you turn to say goodbye

Let’s take the time to remember
Remember those days gone by
The faces and voices of those not here
Yet never gone

Places lost in the shadows of time
Yet still paint a vivid picture of yesterday
When there is nothing left to see with your eyes
Just you mind

Let’s take a step back in time
To feel why you feel today
Understand what you never did until now
See what life is really all about

Let’s travel to a space shrouded in mystery
Where the past enlightens the future
While today struggles
With what remains of the past

Why does time always move on?
Where does it go?
When does it stop, if it does?
Am I chasing it or it me?


1 comment:

Opaque said...

You come up with these vicious questions Walker... making me think here...