Thursday, August 26, 2010

Acid Rain ©©

I see dark clouds rolling in from the west
Doom and gloom riding its wake
The thunder and lightning part the heavens
Shooting down bolts of lightning to light up the darkness

Thunder muffles the cries in the night
As the rain drowns away in the filth
Giving new life to the dieing
Carrying those that can’t be saved away

Raindrops fall down on my face
Slowly burning away my soul
Melting the skin away
Left to lie naked and bare for the stars to see

The road’s been to long
To long to wash away the dirt
The sins on my hands
To dirty to wash away in the burning rain

It’s been too long to forget what can’t be forgotten
To far down the road to get lost
Time is the only witness
As dark clouds come rolling in

Only clear skies can sooth the soul
Heal wounds as the moon bleaches the bones
So the rain can wash away what’s left
As time passes by in the night



Opaque said...

I can feel the acid here...

Heff said...

I liked the "moon bleaches the bones" line !