Friday, August 27, 2010

Flash From The Pan ©©

Take the smoke in deep
Feel its poison burn your lungs
Piercing your inner soul

Releasing a sliver of dead to find a missing piece
A piece of life lost in time
to have it flash before my eyes one last time
Before it’s forgotten once again

With every breath I die a little more
Seeing what I tried to forget
Life in a world of agony and despair
A mannequin petrified in hell

Each stick a demon to embrace
To be suckled with every kiss
Drawn back in time
Until the future is today and tomorrow is gone

Why do we love what hurts us?
Dance with the devil
Run for the edge
Yet we still watch the time like there is a tomorrow



Yeah, I see it now
I see what I have always seen the 10,000 times I died
A past and future dancing in the bitter rain
Fucking me in every interlude


To choke or breath
She’s my demon
My love
The love of my death


Which demon guides you to the realm of hell?



1 comment:

Opaque said...

Recalling the times when I used to smoke, I can relate to this one... nevertheless, I still get the message here...