Monday, August 30, 2010

Time Bandit ©©

How did time go by so fast?
Where did it all go when you only just found your way back?
Now you’re gone again
Leaving the walls quiet once more

Running down new roads and unexplored paths
Searching for what you want, desire
Following dreams
Roads to tomorrow

All I could do is stand there and watch
Letting go what I want to hold onto
But the wind is free
As I remember my own desires in the past

So now all that remain are the few memories
The times we did share
The moments that will hold me for now
Until the wind blows this way again once more

How did time slip away?
I watch as the shadows slowly creep in
One still remains until time comes to beat me out again
Then the shadows could consume me until the end of time, if they can



itisi said...

This is beautiful, Walker!
The second and third verses say it all. It is hard to let go. Take it from someone who knows.


Opaque said...

Man, it is hard to let go...