Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Rust ©©

I sit looking to the dark greying skies
Thin clouds passing by
Stars blinking through from beneath
Here’s where I feel welcome

Home among the shadows that haunt me
Memories lurking from the past
Looking through at where we once had been
A place, a time, a dream, a nightmare ago

A slave to the night and the dark side of time
A shadow with no face or form
Just flesh and an illusion of what was
Nothing sweet but bitter, yet, real

Few are left in the shadows
Only ghosts haunt the night
Names slowly fade away until the shadows are no more
Only an artificial light will remain

The moonlight bounces off the faded leather
A rusty blade is left stuck in the soul of time
Keeping a small spark alive
A reason to remember

Bathing beneath the soft moonlight
Soaking up memories of what’s mine
My blade sheathed by my side
Rusty and old yet still sharp



Kay said...

the thought is there, yet the action lie as just a thought...

Opaque said...

Action is due execution...