Saturday, September 04, 2010

A Song In The Wind ©©

I stood by the window looking up
Up at the sky
At the stars and moon in the middle of the night

I saw her standing out there
In the moonlight
Long flowing hair blowing in the wind

She stared at me from across the meadow
Smiling back
I heard a song in my ear

I turned but there was nothing there
Looking back out
She was gone

I look up at the night sky
Listening to the song in my ear
Dancing in my thoughts

I close my eyes and lost in the song
Her hair brushes over my face
Her scent awakens my senses

We slowly move around the room
Floating away with every step and dip
Until I opened my eyes

I stood there alone once more
The song gently tapped against the window sill
As the sky cried

I stand by the window staring out
Looking at the past
But mostly, at tomorrow


1 comment:

Kay said...

feels as if sleep walking be of bliss...

a tango in the night.