Sunday, September 05, 2010

Until Morning ©©

I lay in bed at night
Staring out the window
Your lingering scent still here with me

Awake yet in a trance from the night before
When I wasn’t alone
With the moon peeking through the window
The stars in your eyes

We lay tangled on soft clouds
Your tender thigh brushing past my cheek
Your nectar dripping on a parched tongue
Quenching my thirst

Lost beneath transparent sheets
Her tender kisses erupted into a volcano of lust
One on one tasting forbidden fruits
Harvesting each other’s desires

Groping and tugging
Tightly holding onto the ecstasy
Tearing at the flesh
Trying to set the hunger free

The wind blows the curtains across the room
Their silky fingers waving at you and me
Caressing our souls as they burn through the night
Until dawn’s early light

I lay in bed alone
Thinking of when you will return
To burn away the passion within
To set my hunger free


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Opaque said...

If this were an album, the song after this would be an interesting listen!