Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quarters Quarters Quarters ©©

It’s 9pm and I have nothing to do so I get off my ass and make for the door
Down the stairs and I go down the street smelling like a two bit whore

I look to the right before I go left, across the street and down to the corner
I open the door and walk right up to the man at the counter

Passed him five bucks for a bottle told him to keep the penny
Strolled to a table and sat down to give away all my money

Oh she whirled and twirled and threw the clothes left and right
I watched and she trembled with delight as I sat there all night

It was starting to get hot as I opened up my shirt
Sweat dripped from my forehead falling down to the dirt

She dance until I had no more chnage then picked up my bag and go
Back down the street to a place I know

Up the stairs and down the hall as she sees me through the windowpane
I open the door smelling like a bottle of Gain

She says I smelled like a two bit whore at a laundry mat
I told her panties smelled just like that



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Man, what some DIRTY LAUNDRY !!