Thursday, September 23, 2010

Waiting ©©

I sit here waiting
Waiting for something

I wait for the day to come
For the hour
The minute you walk through the front door

I wait for the phone to ring
The doorbell to chime
But they don’t

I wait
I waited to be born
Waited to grow up

Waited to be on my own
Waited to find what I want
Now, I wait for what I have

I wait for the sun to rise
Wait for the sun to set
I wait for the days that go by

For the seasons to come and go
For the stars to wrap around the world
For the moon and sun to eclipse my heart

I wait until I don’t have to wait no more
When time will once more stand still
And tomorrow will be far away to wait for when you’re here



1 comment:

Opaque said...

Waiting is hard...

PS: Love the music playing