Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Defiant ©©

I stand at the crest of time looking down below
I stand alone against the dawn of the beginning
I stand alone in my resolve to be who I need to be
I stand above the world
Yet defiant

I stand on the edge of the future
I stand here watching through the sands of time
I stand watching as the looking glass shatters into a million grains
A million dreams
Yet defiant

I stand on a ridge high above the world
I stand here looking down at you
I stand here beaten and bruised
Holding a torch I was born with
Yet defiant

I stand up here looking down at what you are doing
I stand a step away from falling over
I stand up there shackled with fear and anger
Screaming, FUCK YOU!
Yet Defiant

I stand here listening to the roar echo through the valley
I stand next to a stranger
I stand next to a neighbour
He next to his
Yet Defiant

We stand on the brink of destruction
We stand together against an on coming storm
We have one enemy to defeat, ourselves
One step away from freedom
Yet defiant

FUCK YOU !!!!!!!!!



Opaque said...

Lot of anger here... pain too!

Shadow said...

strong emotions! powerfully written!!!